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Get Planet Rock to play unsigned bands

As you all may know, a few days ago we realised that the radio station Planet Rock does NOT accept any submissions from unsigned bands, have an unsigned hour or seem as if they wanna help out the underdog bands on the circuit.We disagreed strongly with this so we've teamed up with our bros in Fury to petition to get Planet Rock to play unsigned bands and discover the new talent on the scene, the bands that will become the rock legends of tomorrow.We agree that there is a lack of care and attention from corporations with the money and power, given to unsigned bands, when it is strongly needed to keep rock and metal alive.OUR PLAN:We are going to collect as many names on this petition from all over the world! We are also going to take physical petitions to all our live summer shows for all the crowd to sign, supporting our plan to get unsigned music seen on Planet Rock!We are going to gather all e-signatures, comments, likes, shares online and all physical signs at shows and present them to the radio station at the end of summer with two of our own demos for them to play!If we do this right, we could all be pioneers for the unsigned circuit and who knows, it may go further, but you need to ACT NOW!This is a point we want to make, to support all our brothers and sisters in unsigned bands across this country and believe its unfair that we should be kept down.If you're in a band too, you should feel as strongly as us about this and we want you all onboard!LIKE AND COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS PHOTO AND SHARE IT TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND TELL THEM TO AS WELL!NOTE: We urge you not to use this as an outlet for slanderous comments, merely express your thoughts on why unsigned music should be given the recognition by the powers that be, that it deserves.

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